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Reliance Bank Website Consolidation on December 4th

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We are pleased to announce that Unity Bank and Reliance Bank will be united under one website on December 4th. This consolidation brings together the best of both brands, offering a streamlined and cohesive platform to cater to all your banking needs.

What to Expect

With the new Unity Bank website, you will find all the services you are used to in one convenient place with an improved and more user-friendly layout. The new website will include Reliance Bank information and contact details under the Unity Bank brand.

Internet Banking

The new website will have clearly marked separate login buttons for Unity Bank and Reliance Bank Internet Banking in the top-right corner, which will both operate the same way as they do now.

Why are we moving to one website?

The costs involved in maintaining two websites are significant, and we are conscious that it is your money as a member-owned bank. The products and services are the same for Reliance Bank and Unity Bank, so it makes sense not to duplicate the costs and resources involved in maintaining two websites.

Support and Contact Information

Contact details, branch addresses, and member support information for both Unity Bank and Reliance Bank will be prominently displayed on the website, ensuring easy access to assistance when needed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 13 24 40.

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