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Relationship Rewards Program / Access Fees

Relationship Rewards Program / Access Fees

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The COVID-19 outbreak continues to rapidly change our way of living. To support Members who are increasing the use of their debit cards to make payments, we are increasing the number of free excess transactions by FOUR across all relationship tiers which will commence immediately for 6 months.

Member Benefit

One of the main benefits that members of the Bank enjoy is that, unlike a bank, there are no external shareholders requiring us to make large profits.

All profits are retained as reserves or used for members for better products and services or to keep costs to the members as low as possible. This benefits our members by:

  • No monthly account keeping fees on our savings accounts
  • No monthly account keeping fees on our home loans  
  • No early repayment penalty for paying your home loan out early on our variable rate loans.

Each member is both a customer and a shareholder in the bank. Their ownership ensures that the bank is motivated to put their needs first.

The 'Relationship Reward' program rewards members on the basis of their support of the bank and using the member helping member philosophy.

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Determining Your Relationship Reward

Your Relationship Reward is the number of free transactions you qualify for each month. It is based on the total balance you have in any combination of the following-

Home Loans; Personal Loans; Balance on Overdrafts; Savings Accounts; Term Deposits

At the end of each month we will look at the average value of the above accounts and calculate your Relationship Reward level. This will then determine the number of free transactions that you are entitled to in that month.

Your Relationship Reward Benefits
Memberships with a balance of $10,000+ 13 free transactions in that month*
Memberships with a balance of less than $10,000 5 free transactions in that month*
Retired members over 58 years of age (who have registered with us) 12 free transactions in that month*

All in One Rewards Package mortgage holders receive UNLIMITED transactions per month*

All in One mortgage holders receive 20 FREE transactions per month*

*Your transactions consist of withdrawals made via any domestic ATM, ATM withdrawals made overseas, EFTPOS and Personal Cheques.

All other excess transactions are charged $1.20.

A transaction fee exemption applies for full time students between 18 and 25 years of age. Please provide us with annual confirmation from your Educational institution that you are enrolled in full time studies for the current year

Download a printable version of our current fees and charges

Fees & Charges and Transaction Limits