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Minimising Fees and Charges

Minimising Fees and Charges

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While Fees and Charges are a part of every financial institution, you can rest assured that as a Bank our focus is to minimise as much as possible the cost of banking to our members. Historically around 80% of our members pay no fees at all. Talk to us

Relationship Rewards Program

Our ‘Relationship Reward’ program rewards members on the basis of their support of the bank and using the members helping member philosophy.

Your Relationship Reward is the number of FREE transactions you qualify for each month. It’s based on the total balance you have in any combination of the following:

Home Loans; Personal Loans; Balance on Overdrafts; Savings Accounts; Term Deposits.

At the end of each month we will look at the average value of the above accounts and calculate your Relationship Reward level. This will then determine the number of free transactions that you are entitled to in that month.

Your Relationship Reward Benefits

Memberships with a balance of $10,000+
13 FREE transactions that month*

Memberships with a balance of less than $10,000
5 FREE transactions in that month*

Retired members over 58 years of age (who have registered with us)
12 FREE transactions in that month*

All in One mortgage holders receive 20 free transactions per month*

All in One Rewards Package mortgage holders receive UNLIMITED transactions per month

*Your transactions consist of withdrawals made via any domestic ATM, ATM withdrawals made overseas, EFTPOS, Bank@Post and Personal Cheques.

Minimising Your Fees and Charges

Below are some tips to help make managing your fees a whole lot easier.

  • Use your Visa Debit card and press the credit or "CR" button. This is processed as a FREE Visa transaction and does not count towards your transaction total.
  • When you make an EFTPOS transaction, withdraw cash at the same time. This counts as only one transaction.
  • Make fewer, but larger cash withdrawals.
  • Use our Mobile Banking App,  Internet Banking and Phone Banking.
  • Use Bpay to pay bills, save on fees and avoid the queues.
  • Use ATMs wisely and sparingly.
  • Make sure you have sufficient funds to cover withdrawals.
  • Over The Counter withdrawals at branches are free.
  •  Apply for a transaction fee exemption which applies for full time students between 18 and 25 years of age.
  • Please provide us with annual confirmation from your Educational institution that you are enrolled in full time studies for the current year.