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Reliance Bank Website Consolidation on December 4th

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We are pleased to announce that Unity Bank and Reliance Bank will be united under one website on December 4th. This consolidation brings together the best of both brands, offering a streamlined and cohesive platform to cater to all your banking needs.

What to Expect

With the new Unity Bank website, you will find all the services you are used to in one convenient place with an improved and more user-friendly layout. The new website will include Reliance Bank information and contact details under the Unity Bank brand.

Internet Banking

The new website will have clearly marked separate login buttons for Unity Bank and Reliance Bank Internet Banking in the top-right corner, which will both operate the same way as they do now.

Why are we moving to one website?

The costs involved in maintaining two websites are significant, and we are conscious that it is your money as a member-owned bank. The products and services are the same for Reliance Bank and Unity Bank, so it makes sense not to duplicate the costs and resources involved in maintaining two websites.

Support and Contact Information

Contact details, branch addresses, and member support information for both Unity Bank and Reliance Bank will be prominently displayed on the website, ensuring easy access to assistance when needed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 13 24 40.

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Savings Interest Rate Changes

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We are reducing the interest rates for the following savings products, effective 1 November 2023.

  • Bonus Saver (S7) for balances $1 - $100,000 interest rate reduced by 0.10% to 4.50% (inclusive of the base plus bonus rate)1.
  • MoneyMAX (S12) for balances $1 and over interest rate reduced by 0.10% to 4.90%2.

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2023 Annual General Meeting

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Published on 20 October 2023

We are pleased to advise that this year’s Annual General Meeting will be a face-to-face meeting held on 29 November 2023 at 3:00pm at the Ground Floor Training Rooms, 365 Sussex Street Sydney NSW 2000. For those who are unable to attend in person, we will be live streaming the meeting on our website, here. Please also note that we are not required to send hard copies of the Notice of Annual General Meeting to members this year.

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Cyber Security Awareness Month

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'Be cyber wise - don't compromise'

October is Cyber Security month and an annual reminder for all Australians to stay secure online.

Reliance Bank supports Cyber Security Awareness Month, showing our commitment to your security and privacy online. We will continue to raise awareness to remind all members of the importance of adopting strong digital security.

This year, we encourage you to ‘Be cyber wise – don’t compromise’. There are 4 simple steps you can take to be cyber wise and significantly boost your cyber security:

1. Update your devices regularly

Turn on automatic updates for your devices and software. This ensures you have the latest security in place. 

2. Protect your accounts with multi-factor authentication.

Turn on multi-factor authentication to add another layer of protection to your accounts. 

3. Back up your important file

Safeguard your data from threats and avoid costly data recovery by having your important files backed up. 

4. Use passphrases and password managers

Passphrases are passwords that use 4 or more random words. Don’t compromise your accounts by re-using passwords or passphrases. Consider using a password manager to help generate or store secure and unique passwords.

If you suspect someone has gained access to your personal information, you should contact us immediately on 13 24 40. You can also report a scam through the Scam Watch website, and find additional information on scams and how to protect yourself.  




Risks associated with investments promised via Facebook

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We are urging our Members to be cautious of investments promised via Facebook Marketplace.

Scammers via Facebook Marketplace use a variety of tactics to manipulate buyers and sellers of the platform, often disguising themselves as one or the other. These scammers often send emails or text messages that reflect an investment scheme asking you to click on a link to find out more.

Possible scenario

Fake emails are sent to Marketplace sellers that look like they’re from a payment service such as PayPal confirming a payment has been made for the product you are selling. However, no payment has been made, and the scammer has received the product for ‘free’.

How to protect yourself from this type of scam

  • Take time to read suspicious emails or text messages (scammers often use urgency as a tactic to trick you into giving money or personal information).
  • Check the email thoroughly (these emails often mention a problem that needs a solution quickly). Check the facts and details before taking action.
  • Do not send any personal data or information (often these scammers use profile pictures of employees in a familiar business to convince you of their legitimacy).

If you believe you have been scammed, call us immediately on 13 24 40.

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