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Banking App Update

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Android 10 is officially released. It's chock-full of new features, has a renewed focus on privacy, and for the first time in Android history, doesn't have a tasty dessert name to accompany it, a significant shift from Android Pie.

In response to this upgrade, we have released an updated version 4.1.1 of our Banking App to ensure we are compatibility to Android's latest operating system. The updated version of our Banking App is now available in the Google Play store.

If you are experiencing any issues updating our Banking App, please give us a call at 13 24 40, and one of our Member Service Officer will be able to help you.


2019 Annual General Meeting

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Members are advised that the 2019 Annual General Meeting of Unity Bank Limited will be held as detailed below.

Date 27 November 2019
Time 3:00 PM
Venue 365 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Ground Floor Training Rooms

Please confirm your attendance, in either of the following ways:
1. Call 1300 36 2000 and advise of your attendance
2. Email

Notice of the 2019 Annual General Meeting have been sent out to Members via email and mail. If you have not received the notification, please contact us immediately on 1300 36 2000.

Click here for more information
Click here for Proxy Form


Reliance Bank App Update

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PIN Change Enhancements

The in-app card PIN management tool has been enhanced to allow users to change a card PIN both with or without knowing the current PIN. The ability to change a card PIN without knowing the existing PIN provides an improved member experience. Members can authorise the PIN change by entering their 4 digit app passcode as multi-factor authentication. The existing process is the same for customers who know their card PIN. Click here to view step-by-step instructions.

NOTE: Fingerprint or facial recognition is not available to authorise a PIN reset where the current PIN is unknown.


Changes to our Fees & Charges and Transaction Limits document

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As of 1 September 2019, we will begin the process of limiting Internet Banking transactions to $1,000 per account per day for members not registered for SMS Verification Codes. You can access the updated Fees & Charges and Transaction Limits document here


Proposed Merger of Reliance Bank (a division of Unity Bank) and G&C Mutual Bank

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After several months of detailed assessments on the operational challenges that would arise from merging our two organisations together next year, the Boards of Unity Bank and G&C Mutual Bank have resolved that it would not be in the best interests of our members to proceed with the merger at this point in time. The Boards determined that it would be more beneficial for each Bank to remain independent and focus on executing their individual strategic plans over the coming year. 

In reaching this decision, both Boards acknowledge the goodwill, openness and respect that was evident during the discussions and are confident that each of our Banks will continue to provide competitive and highly valued services to their members. Our two Banks will continue working cooperatively and constructively with each other (including sharing branches) to ensure that Australian consumers have access to a strong, viable and ethical mutual banking alternative. 

Mick Doleman
Board Chair, Unity Bank

Julian Kennelly
Board Chair, G&C Mutual Bank

About Unity Bank
Unity Bank commenced operations in 1970 as Waterside Workers' of Australia Credit Union to serve maritime workers and their famiilies, and over the last 10 years has further evolved merging with 8 other credit unions with a mixture of community and industrial members. It currently has 40,000 Members with an asset base of $1.2 billion and 28 branches across Australia. Unity has developed meaningful partnerships with Industry Super Funds and regionally based Local Councils and Universities that have led to several innovations including Australia's first experimental technology hub based in Bathurst.

About G&C Mutual Bank
G&C Mutual Bank was established 60 years ago and has since grown to be one of Australia's strongest member-owned financial institutions. From its humble origins as the Public Works Department Credit Union servicing public sector employees, G&C's business has evolved through the course of 18 mergers and several name changes. G&C now provides a comprehensive and award-winning range of financial services throughout metropolitan and regional markets. Following a lengthy member consultation process, G&C commenced trading as G&C Mutual Bank in December 2014.